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Mushrooms, Mushrooms, Mushrooms...

Here at Fox & West we love our seasonal produce and this time of year is perfect for mushrooms. This week we have some wonderful oyster mushrooms which will be finding their way into your veg boxes. You’ll also find some Essential Trading dried tarragon, which is a perfect for adding extra flavour. Why not give tarragon mushrooms on toast a try, what's not to love...?


-Mixed sliced mushrooms (thickness depends on personal preference and type) 4 handfuls 

-1tbs olive oil

-2tbs butter (or vegan alternative)

-1tbs dried tarragon 

-salt and pepper (to taste)

-2 slices of toast, why not try an organic sourdough from The Forest Bakery.

Method :

-Heat the oil in the pan and then add the mushrooms and cook for 3-4mins

-once slightly softened add the tarragon, butter and a little seasoning. Continue to cook on a medium to high heat until soft, slightly browned and crisp around the edges. 

-cook the toast and adjust the seasoning on the mushrooms if needed. 

-serve the mushrooms on top of hot toast as a delicious brunch or light lunch.

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