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Ever wondered what to do with a Khol Rabi?

This week you may be lucky enough to end up with a kohlrabi in your veg box. This rather ugly veggie is extremely versatile and can be cooked or eaten raw. We love adding them to stir fries, salads, slaws, roasted veg trays and even these yummy rice pancake wraps! 



Shredded vegetables (kohlrabi, carrots, cabbage, celery, cucumber)

Sliced avocado

Rice pancake wraps

Seasoning; Coriander, Dried chilli flakes, Soya sauce, Sriracha sauce *season to taste


Mix the shredded vegetables with the seasoning ingredients, taste and alter where needed. 

Submerge the rice sheets in hot water (one at a time) as per the instructions.

Remove excess water, layer with the vegetable mixture and slices of avocado then fold and wrap.

Slice in half and serve with dipping sauces and pickled ginger, yum! 

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