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Wild Garlic Cornish Yarg

Fresh on the cutter this week is the Wild Garlic Cornish Yarg. Made at the Lynher Dairies this semi-hard cheese is hand wrapped in wild garlic leaves. With a slightly crumbly texture and distinctive yet subtle garlic flavour this cheese is perfect for anyone hoping to cling onto memories of early summer sun! 

Scroll down for the perfect recipe to showcase this cheese...



Lettuce leaves

Crumbled Yarg

Grapes cut in half lengthways 

Crushed walnuts 

Purple sprouting broccoli cut into thinnish strips (or regular broccoli, kale, Carlo Nero, green beans) 

Dressing - I made mine from walnut oil, blackberry vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper but anything fruity and sharp will work perfectly. 


-break the lettuce leaves apart and spread out over individual plates or a large serving platter.

-toast the walnuts (be carful not to burn) and set aside to cool.

-add a little oil to a hot pan and then heat through the grapes until they start to caramelise and blister but don’t overcook as they will turn into a jammy mush. Then set aside.

-in the same pan cook though the broccoli  letting the edges char and brown a little, adding depth of flavour.

-layer up the cooked ingredients and cheese on top of the lettuce, drizzling with the dressing and seasoning if desired. 

This dish makes a lovely autumnal starter, a nutritious lunch or substitute the lettuce for extra greens and tagliatelle for a more robust meal. 

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