Fancy sending someone special a delicious chocolatey gift through the post?


DIVINE BAR 90G - Select from Dark 70%, Dark Hazelnut, Dark 85%, Dark Ginger & Orange, Dark Raspberries, Dark Mint, Dark Pink Salt, Milk Toffee & Salt, Milk, Milk Orange, White Strawberries, White 
MONTEZUMA BAR 90G - Select from Absolute Black (100%), Black Forest Gateau, Milk Butter Nutter Truffle, Dark Chilli Bonkers, Dark Sea Salt, Dark Spice It Up, Dark Lordy Lord, Milk Splotch, Milk Smooth Operator
TONYS CHOCOLONELY 47G - Select from Dark Almond, Milk Caramel & Sea Salt, Milk Hazelnut

DIVINE BAR 35G - Select from Dark 70%, Cappucino, Dark Caramel, Milk, Milk Caramel 


RAW HALO 22G - Select from Dark, Dark & Salted or Mylk


This could be the perfect gift...tailor it to suit or just specify Dark, Milk or White and we'll do the rest...simply chocoliscious!


Contents may vary due to availability.


Price includes  packaging.


VAT is included.

  • Local delivery Tuesday and Friday.

Dietary Requirements

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