Know someone who is chocoloco?


This could be the perfect gift...


DIVINE BAR 90G - Select from Dark 70%, Dark Hazelnut, Dark 85%, Dark Ginger & Orange, Dark Raspberries, Dark Mint, Dark Pink Salt, Milk Toffee & Salt, Milk, Milk Orange, White Strawberries, White 
MONTEZUMA BAR 90G - Select from Absolute Black (100%), Black Forest Gateau, Milk Butter Nutter Truffle, Dark Chilli Bonkers, Dark Sea Salt, Dark Spice It Up, Dark Lordy Lord, Milk Splotch, Milk Smooth Operator
TONYS CHOCOLONELY 47G - Select from Dark Almond, Milk Caramel & Sea Salt, Milk Hazelnut
DIVINE BAR 35G - Select from Dark 70%, Cappucino, Dark Caramel, Milk, Milk Caramel 

MONTEZUMA GIANT BUTTONS 180G - Select from Absolute Black (100%), Dark, Milk, White 


RAW HALO 22G - Select TWO from Dark, Dark & Salted, Mylk


Tailor it to suit or just specify Dark, Milk or White and we'll do the rest...simply chocoliscious!


Contents may vary due to availability.


Price includes packaging.

VAT is included.

  • Local delivery Tuesday and Friday.

Dietary Requirements
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£16.50monthly/ 3 months

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